Participants 2020


Empowering communities.
Mesensei is a community platform builder. We empower our customers to create their own platforms under their own brand and data controllership.



Around the globe Radientum works with client to develop superior antenna solutions for wireless products. We design compact integrated antennas – from the first simulated concept studies to fully verified device.



Simply put, ReceiptHero’s mission is to digitalize all paper receipts globally, allowing customers to view their purchase data in banking apps.



Resistomap offers a complete laboratory and analysis service to detect and quantify antibiotic resistance genes from environmental samples such as wastewater, manure and soil using a high throughput gene profiling, the SmartChip qPCR system. Our mission is to mitigate the spread of antibiotic resistance in the environment by providing robust tools for monitoring.



NurseBuddy Care Software enables homecare providers to focus on delivering high quality, cost effective homecare. NurseBuddy helps providers fully manage their business, saving time and money, with our simple to use software. NurseBuddy helps to manage scheduling, visit monitoring, care planning, invoicing and payroll, and much more. It’s home care, simplified!



We provide waterjet cutting technology related products and services to businesses of all sizes. Within our waterjet cutting machine product family you will find the right solution to cut virtually any material, any shape, any amount, and any size.



SmartWatcher is providing high quality and real time indoor air quality monitoring to B2B and B2G customers world wide. We have been providing our service already since 2016 and have monitored already thousands of sites. Our customers include schools, kindergartens, hospitals, airports, hotel chains, offices etc. We detect poor indoor air quality in time before you get sick or your buildings get damaged.

Geman Scalers pilot is funded by 6Aika – Ecosystems of growth: Enabling the growth of companies through collaboration -project.