How it works
In twelve weeks you will receive top level coaching, access to networks and someone to light that fire up your butt to get your first sales in Germany.

This is an accelerator and it will be intense. The main goal of the program is a successful market validation for your business model in the German market. Ideally, you are leaving the program with your first customers and/or partners in Germany and a strong growth plan to follow up on, including financial planing and a scaling strategy. But we clearly want to point out that there is no guarantee for that! There's also the possible result of having no market fit or being not ready for the German market yet. In this case, you are not walking away empty handed, but with important experiences and leasons learned for internationalization and how to run a successful market validation (no market fit is also a success!).

THIs is the process

Topics covered

Readyness evaluation review
Sales material / sales discussion
Mitigation plan of legal and certification roadblocks
Pitch deck workshop - pitch, feedback, adjust
Calculations of financial resources and deployment
How to use the money - market entry strategy plan
TIMES and dates

The Schedule

The program follows a simple schedule with high tempo. The activities are mostly in the evenings to make scheduling simpler for all you busy entrepreneurs.

Mondays - workshops
Tuesdays - weekly follow up group 1
Wednesdays - weekly follow up group 2
Thursdays - usually free. We’ll have special network events twice here
Friday - sales and/or investor pitching training
Saturday - usually free. We will have an internationalization planning hack twice
Sundays - free.


Hand-made Matching work for potential customers in Germany

Some teams will need an extra hand in getting their first positive response. The accelerator program's mentor network is vast, and Daniel has extensive experience in getting first meetings with seemingly hard-to-reach individuals. We will provide help for the teams who need it to secure meetings for their Germany visit.


12 h Hack sessions

When new key concepts have been introduced, a 12 hour hack session will follow on the same week’s Saturday. The purpose is to be able to coach you over a longer period of time to really make sure the concept is implemented and adjusted properly to your business model. 
These sessions will feature coaches from the core team combined with experts on the specific topic, taken from the mentor pool.
The first hack session is focused on getting your business model adjusted properly for international expansion into Germany.
The second hack session is a collective online lead generation and contacting event. This will generate the first meetings booked for your trip to Germany.

get to know each other

Social gatherings

A big part of why accelerators are successful is positive peer pressure. Most of it is achieved through the weekly meetings, but in order to have a more casual conversation we will meet digitally in a more relaxed setting as well. It will start out somewhat structured to allow people to get to know each other.

Digital matching

Networking events

Two times during the program, teams and mentors are matched for 30 minute online meetings. Every team will meet six mentors per event during three hours. We in the program will curate the matching to make sure that the teams get the right person to talk to.


Investor meetings matching

As the teams have their initial plans somewhat ready the financial needs start to become clearer. Some of the teams will require investments to make their internationalization effort, and we will help them to find the right investors for them. Some of the teams will require additional investments to run their expansion. We will support their application process and their search for the right investors.


Germany visit

This activity is extremely important and will be handled with a success focused approach. As the teams generated their first leads in Germany, they will need to meet them. We will help the teams prepare for these meetings by assessing the type of client, the sector, and any previous dealings they might have. We will also discuss logistical plans as they probably need to travel inside Germany for different meetings.

We will accompany the teams as much as possible. If the teams are in close proximity, we will also facilitate the accelerator team’s meeting up inside of Germany.

The focus is customer meetings first, meeting other Germans second and meeting fellow accelerator participants third.
As the teams get back from their first week of customer discussions, we will have a review to understand what they have learned. Using what they have learned they are very likely to adjust their strategy and internationalization approach.


Next step planning

As the program nears the end, the teams will be provided with coaching to create the best possible next steps on their internationalization. We will connect them with fitting financing opportunities, national and international networks, and trusted service providers that suit their specific needs.


Demo day

The Demo Day is prepared together with Business Tampere. The key point is to have a public event where the results of the accelerator can be shared, teams can present their business case and have an ending with an exclamation point. In the audience it will be friends, family and of course, investors. The event will be planned to be physical but will allow for a digital presence for the ones who want to. If possible, we would like it to be recorded and streamed publicly.

stay connected

Alumni meetup

After six weeks the teams should have made further progress in their expansion to Germany or maybe in their internationalization strategy. Therefore, it's a great point in time to get together again to discuss the status quo and possible adjustments together. We will prepare for it to be f2f in Tampere, but if not, we will use a digital product.

Scale your business in Germany
Let's start building bridges between your business and your customer base in Germany. When? 14.9-10.12 2020. Deadline: 30.8 2020.
Geman Scalers pilot is funded by 6Aika – Ecosystems of growth: Enabling the growth of companies through collaboration -project.