The people behind german scalers

The Team

Rasmus Basilier
Owner and Program Manager
+358 503-77 08 98
• Involved with startups since 2010
• Ran the Startup accelerator Startup Journey in 2019 and is running it in 2020
• Ran the pre-accelerator for Boost Turku in 2019 and 2020
• Experienced business coachVast experience of running online workshops, lectures, hackathons, team meetings and a three week acceleration program, both as an organizer and as a coach
• Network primarily with startups and startup related services, such as international expansion
• Has started 10+ organizations, ranging from sports and non-profits to companies and business initiatives
• Strongest skills are in coaching, business development, sales and creativity
Daniel Hofmann
German Scaling Specialist
• More than eight years of experience in startup and venture building

• Involved in more than five successful market launches

• Education mix of digital media and business administration

• Massive German corporate network, e.g. Audi, Osram, Allianz, MunichRE

• Mentor at international startup and scale up programs, e.g. Techstars or Climate Hack

• Partner of international scale up programs, e.g. GoB2B

• Over 100 relevant contacts to corproates, scale ups, investors and VC's
Jani Rusi
Financing Specialist
• Professional Swimmer (retired 2012)
• Global networks for athletes and federations
• Serial entrepreneur, founded first own company 2012, 2 weeks after shoulder operation (Vivo Visions)
• Mentoring and coaching over 20 companies
• Coaching, mentoring and judging in several incubators, pitching competitions and networking events in Turku, Tampere, Joensuu, Jyväskylä
• Co-founder and CEO Hydrosport Solutions 2015 - 2017
• Business in Fin, Est, UAE, other networks Ger, China, Spain and Denmark
• Involved in over 50 pitching events and incubators activities
• Co-Founder RNW 2017 (Sportsmarketing)
• Financing Manager in Nordea Startup & Growth Turku 09/2017 - 02/2020
• Focus on startups and financing from 50 000 - 500 000 €
• Financed, coached and mentored over 150 companies from all over Finland
• Different financing solutions for companies / foundersMatchmaking partner in several events
• WTC TurkuBuilding Global Ecosystem for companies
• WTC Association Global Network
• Directing manager of Aurajoen Uinti Swimming club 2009 - 2016
• Growth from 100 000 € turnover to over 700 000 €, managing over 100 volunteers and part-time coaches
Scale your business in Germany
Let's start building bridges between your business and your customer base in Germany. When? 14.9-10.12 2020. Deadline: 30.8 2020.
Geman Scalers pilot is funded by 6Aika – Ecosystems of growth: Enabling the growth of companies through collaboration -project.