German Scalers
Taking your Startup to the biggest market in Europe - Germany
Deadline to apply 30.8 2020.
What we Do
German Scalers support Finnish companies who want to expand their business to Germany with coaches, connections and hands on work 🇫🇮🇩🇪

Who is this for?

You are an established company that has succesfully entered one or even multiple markets. You are now confident that people all over the world can find delight in using your product. You and your business have your ambitions set on the biggest market in Europe - Germany.

If you have a small company established and even some small amount of sales, it is not enough. If your ambition is to grow big - great! Join when you have a proven that your business model is functional with a steady stream of customers and revenue.

German Scalers Overview


• 12 weeks of intensive work to get your first german customers
• Weekly workshops in the evenings
• Two full focus days
• Curated meetings with potential partners
• Completely virtual learning expierence
• Possibly physical travel to Germany
• Top level coaching
• Cost free, equity free


Why Germany?

Germany is the biggest market in Europe. But almost every business we talk to wants to expand to the US, UK or China.

That never made any sense to any of us in the German Scalers team.
But there are reasons. One of them is the language, another one, probably stronger, is the cultural influence that the US has on the west. Many of us feel “close” to the US, even though we might never have been there.

We want to change that! Germany is the absolutely best place to make the first international expansion for any business in Europe due to its sheer market size and current state of digital transformation. It took most of the German industries way longer to accept the fact, that everything is going to change. But now they are there and they are very open for innovation and fruitful collaboration.

Scale your business in Germany
Let's start building bridges between your business and your customer base in Germany. When? 14.9-10.12 2020. Deadline: 30.8 2020.
Geman Scalers pilot is funded by 6Aika – Ecosystems of growth: Enabling the growth of companies through collaboration -project.